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Fontaine Trucking Inc., operational since 2021, has grown from a tri-axle rental company to a full-service landscaping and contracting firm. With over seven years of experience in landscaping and land services, we specialize in foundation weatherproofing, landscaping, excavation, and grading. Our dedication to service quality and customer education sets us apart, ensuring homeowners understand the work being done. Our promise: Whatever your vision, we’ll nail it for you.

Comprehensive Landscaping Services in Ottawa

Proudly serving Ottawa and surrounding areas, we’re dedicated to delivering quality service to every home.
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Expert Landscaping in Ottawa

From lockstone walkways and driveways to lawn installations and culverts, our landscaping service breathes life into your property.
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Premier Grading Services Ottawa

We ensure perfect land leveling, land clearing, driveway grading, and more, setting the foundation for your home improvements.
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Reliable Equipment Rental Ottawa

Offering tri-axle dump truck rental, we provide you with the right equipment to handle your projects efficiently. Learn more today!

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Ready for your property transformation? Let Fontaine Trucking Inc. assist you every step of the way. From landscaping to grading, and equipment rental, we are your one-stop solution. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and we’ll ensure your vision becomes a reality.